About This Company

Nylavish Glam LLC is a Handmade Bangle, Handmade Lipgloss, Clothing and Acceosry Business founded by 17 year old Tanyla Scott. This business is built upon freedom, confidence, and equality. "Being able to truly be yourself should be all the reward you need."- Tanyla. Nylavish Glam LLC 


FAQ About Lipgloss:

All lipgloss displayed on the site are handmade and carefully blended with proper sanitary measures. Lipglosses contain the following natural ingredients: Hydrogenated Versagel Basing, Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil. Gloss tubes are then throughly soaked in warm water and cleansing soap and left to dry. Glosses are next piped/injected into tubes and packaged for shipping! Our lipgloss provides the maximum shine, hydration, and long-lasting moisture. Not to mention they also smell scrumptious, you will definitely be satisfied!